Kerckhaert SX7 SK. 3x0 - 1 (20 Stück)

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Kerckhaert SX7 SK. 3x0 - 1 (20 Stück)
Kerckhaert SX7 SK. 3x0 - 1 (20 Stück)

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This was the first series Kerckhaert developed specifically for the North American market. A light, strong shoe, the SX-7 series is widely used by horses of many disciplines - including Quarter Horses, light hunters and Thoroughbreds. The precise punching for slim blade nails (or race nails in smaller sizes) provides a shoe that can easily be used for the normal foot as well as smaller hooves and horses with thin walls. Kerckhaert’s unique ability to design front and hind shapes, allows the user to minimize the amount of shaping work necassary to get an optimum fit. The shoes are symmetrical - not left and right as in the European styles. The unique beveled edges of the material provide a safe and professional finish to the shoeing job. There is no other shoe in the market that offers the features of this light but strong, front and hind shoe. This is a shoe with many purposes used throughout North America and Europe as well.

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