Kerckhaert Kings Plate ES Aluminium, hinten, ZK, Gr. 6 1/2 (31), Stück

Kerckhaert Kings Plate ES Aluminium, hinten, ZK, Gr. 6 1/2 (31), Stück

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Das Kings Plate ES – Aluminium Galopperhufeisen zählt zu den besonderen in seiner Klasse. 

This brand new design is made from a wider section than the standard Kings Plate. This gives the front foot more

cover and support with excellent results on many racehorses.
Trainers and farriers really appreciate this new race plate, because comfort for the horse is an important part of
their success. On the foot surface the seating out is increased and extends forward towards the back of the clip to
avoid pressure in the toe. The nail holes are positioned coarser than the standard Kings Plate to produce strong
nailing and the toe is designed a little flatter, to keep the toe short when fitting.
That's why it's Extra Sound!



Garantierte Kerckhaert Qualität



Kerckhaert-Radius-Hufeisen-200.pngKerckhaert Galopperhufeisen - Smart


Weitere Produktinformationen

Hersteller Kerckhaert
Hufeisen Serie Kings Plate ES
Hufeisen Größe 6 1/2 (31)
Hufeisen vorne oder hinten hinten
Hufeisen Maße (CxD) in mm 20x9
Kappen Zehenkappe
Material Aluminium
Menge Stück
Verwendung Galopperhufeisen
Hufeisen Länge (A) in mm 134
Hufeisen Breite (B) in mm 138

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